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Musician's Friend claims to be the first catalog marketer to focus on rock band instruments and gear. Contact Musician's Friend: Musician's Friend can be contacted via telephone at Assistance is also available on the web through the "Chat" and "Email Us" buttons on the website.

Our team is confident that we have found the newest Musicians Friend coupons. Feel free to share with us if we've missed something. All In-Store. This is actually what I am trying to point out Quote:.

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We were just comparing 2 different options. Assuming price negotiation wasn't an option, payments aren't that bad with these companies. Clearly if you have cash available and can knock the price down by paying up front, thats the way to go. Original price aside payments are very convenient. Get out their pockets dude. If they could afford the upfront cash to get it I'm sure they will. If they can't they can get what that want not at the cheapest price, but they will still get it right away. And not have to feel the loss of cash flow with a deferred payment interest free payment plan.

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Most mail order sound companies offer you payment options but that is on a price of somewhere between MAP and full list. See what their profit margin is on that kind of sale. Now you know why they are willing to take some risk. If you are willing to pay all up front, with at least a credit card which cost the store between 1.

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If you are willing to pay cash or check by check the company may want to wait on deliver till the check clears the bank the company has no additional cost and you can negotiate a much better deal. I have spent a lot of money on Pro Audio with my dealer over the past three years. Watch credit cards as they can eat up what you might save on up front cost if they have a high rate. We use a credit card for everything we do in our house, however we take it out of our check book like we were paying cash and pay it off each month.

It adds up to thousands of dollars and we get over two weeks free stays at major hotels each year when we go on vacation. Guess what I ain't rolling like that so I will have to make payments like everyone else. I get what he is saying, but everyone can't afford to do that.

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You realize alot of dudes on this board are not making money like that. And some of them are really kids.

AMS RMX 16 or Eventide H910?

When you get old you have a lot of life experience, the only thing that you can do wrong is not share it with others. I'm so glad you are shedding this great light no one knew about. You rock.

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  8. I want gear, so I'm making payments. I am guessing because of this LOL. Again to get this price you HAD to pay in advance and in full. GREAT prices to be found there. Obviously the don't offer payments though.

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    Have you demoed the AMS? To me it is the most musical and awesome sounding reverb.

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    Couldn't imagine working without it now. I started the demo a while ago but only got to use it a few times before the trial was up. I found the interface to be fiddly and unintuitive. TBH I think i'm more interested in the non-reverb capabilities. Definitely want something that can get weird in a lot of different ways.

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    One of the critiques of the eventide i've heard is that it has a limited amount of usable sounds though it does them very well. Fred Bit. It may look a bit strange but it is quite easy to quickly change the sounds with only a few parameters. Much more intuitive than the lexicon for example. From short rooms to endless reverb tails and even reverse effects it offers anything in a superb quality. It's my favourite UAD Verb - but of course, even if being distinctive from the others - it's still a reverb at the end of the day.

    I love mine. I own both. The GUI is not great but it mimics the hardware. My vote also goes to the RMX