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Derek was the most important mentor of my life. He taught me about women, he taught me about money, and he taught me how to build a successful life. More importantly, he taught me how to teach others to do the same. He taught most of the instructors, he taught Julien, he taught Brad, he is sick, he has amazing game. If you want somebody who is intense and who is killing it at life as well, you talk to Derek.

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That guy is sick. What you see is what you get. Just imagine, if all The Ten Commandments does is gets you one upper echelon girlfriend , one 9 or 10 , that you can enjoy, have sex with, and have her support you in your higher goals? What would you pay to have your love life handled? To have that perfect relationship, or to have that abundance of sexual options with the women of your choosing? Which the Ten Commandments will help with dramatically with.

How would it be worth for you to have an elite social life, filled with friends to support your accent to the top?

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It is uniquely designed to clear out the noise, the distraction, and the shaky belief structures you have adopted along your journey, and replace them with new rock-solid success principles for you to follow and live by. This is the map you have been looking for. The process that is going to accelerate your results faster than anything you ever thought possible.

The Ten Commandments is the guiding light that will show you your path through the wilderness and guide you to becoming your fully attractive self. Stop fumbling around in the dark, randomly trying free advice from YouTube… and get with a program that is proven to produce results. I have been crafting this course for decades and over this past year, I have painstakingly put it together in a carefully curated curriculum, strategically designed to take you from where you are at right now, to advanced level game without having to waste years of your life on trial and error.

This is my first and only digital dating course and it is the last training that anyone will ever need to get extreme results in the dating game. When you go through this program and do what we suggest — you, yes you — will finally know how to build an elite peer group, you will know how to get the very best girls.

Your life is worth more than everything you have, everything you could borrow, and everything you could steal. Ask yourself this… does a champion in any sport get trained by free coaches at his local YMCA? All Rights Reserved. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Get better results in 3 months than Owen and I had in our first 3 years Loading the player Sunday, November, 10th.

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The Ten Commandments of Game. RSD Derek here,. The Ten Commandments. Almost Didn't Exist! I was a little peasant boy who grew up on welfare and struggled for everything I got. I remember going to bed as a boy hungry… That did something to me. Coached more live Bootcamps than anyone in the world Helped many thousands of men not only achieve, but far exceed their goals Built a global network of top-performers across every continent on the planet.

Enough about my success,. I can help you get the success with women you desire.


The Ten Commandments of Game will help you Flip the switch. I recognized that most of these men came to me paralyzed by a brain overloaded with content and knowledge, and openers, and strategies, and concepts… Most were Information Junkies that I knew I needed to detoxify.

Ten Commandments of Game Core Program. Nearly 30 Hours of Core Training. Inner Game Bible. Elite Lifestyle Bible. Conquering Cockblocks Bible. In-Field Technical Game Guide. Instructor Level Game Series. BONUS 1. BONUS 2. BONUS 3. BONUS 4.

The Ten Commandments Of Game Almost Didn't Exist!

Super Secret Bonus. BONUS 5.

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Have More Sex. Attract Higher Quality Women. Make More Money. Cultivate Core Confidence. Build Your Self-Esteem. Custom Creations. Dressing Room Supplies. Everyday Value Items. Garment Bags. Hanging Solutions. Jewelry Displays. Mannequins and Display Forms. Merchandisers for Display. New Products.

He has a unique point of view. I'd say you're probably better off buying and reading the books he's covered on his channel than buy his course. Of course, if cash is no issue, go ahead a spend it, but I doubt there's much you couldn't find for free. I've learned the meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry will get you more results for inner growth than anything else in my experience.

You just gotta buckle down and do the work instead of looking for a new spin. I think you are much better off doing this kind of work with a therapist or something like that.

dating SUCCESS program ever created!

I have done this and it has gotten me amazing results subtle but consistent improvement in my emotional quality of life. It is just too easy to bullshit yourself with this kind of stuff. Secondly, I didn't resonate with the marketing at all. All this talk of self sabotage and depression felt very foreign to me, I rather feel like I need to be harder on myself and hustle more. Also, it seemed to me that Julien was just rehashing the same material over and over again, I found Tyler's contribution to these videos much more interesting I would definitely buy his self-help products.

Posted April 7, I have the program and I must say I really like it. The content is deep but not nearly as deep as in Leo's videos and there isn't that much content. I haven't completed the program yet and even though I think it's good, I believe there can be better ones out there.


I think Julien has undergone a massive transformation himself and his personal brand is just levels beyond merely pick-up now. Although this is a new topic for him to tackle, it seems he's handling it quite well. Haven't bought the product but it appears to be legit. Nevertheless, for me, the greatest downside is that his videos and the way he's selling it may make one feel like there's indeed something wrong with them.

I mean It looks like they're going through some massive breakthroughs and uncover deep psychological traumas. We all have some unconscious problems but in his words, it's like we're all fucked up beyond the point of return unless we go through transformation mastery. Maybe I've already solved at least a few of my limiting beliefs but will I be able to eliminate all of them completely?